Buyer Top 10 Strategy

“Process Before Properties”

1.) Timing is at least as important as the worn-out mantra of “location” alone. The transition process from your former home to a new home is so strategic.

2.) Your Financial Plan should drive the mortgage, not the other way around. Your mortgage process must fit your greater picture.

3.) Team selection is strategic from real estate agent, mortgage company, an estate attorney for trust planning, to your CPA, home inspectors and others.

4.) Mortgage process, lender comparison shopping, documents submitted, loan terms structure, achieving virtual cash buyer status, needing only a purchase contract and an appraisal to close the transaction.

5.) Transition sequence and process are important, renting to buying, selling to buying, or relocation with corporate buyout. Contingencies with a Plan B are critical throughout.

6.) Must & Wants List, creates the list of deal-breaker “must haves” and the optional list of extras. Your process here results in buying the home that makes you much happier.

7.) Real Estate Purchase and Sale are the most critical documents of all. Dates and deadlines of inspections, loan approval, HOA regulations and many more issues depend on how well the language is written.

8.) Absorb the Market Your real estate agent should supply you with comparative trends, sold homes, under contract homes and other value factors important to you.

9.) Avoid Dysfunctional Properties. That’s actually an appraiser’s term for unusual homes or those in need of major repairs, structural or otherwise.

10.) Timing is so valuable, it’s mentioned beginning and end. Plus, the timing of feedback loops is all about when and where you change strategies along the way.